E Cigarettes

Why am I writing about E Cigarettes or E Cigs as they are sometimes known?, quite simply because I used to be a smoker, not a heavy smoker but a smoker nonetheless, I used to smoke mainly when I was out socialising which was generally at weekends, I never smoked in the house and almost never through the week.  So why would I want to start with an E Cigarette when I never really used a real one?

The answer to that is quite simple, most of my friends smoke and in the UK as in many part of the world you are not allowed to smoke indoors and this includes bars and pubs, so what does one do when you want a smoke, you get up either by yourself or with the person/people you are currently in a conversation with, leaving behind the non smoker out of you ie. me !!

I don’t like being left out but don’t think I’ve bought an E Cigarette just cause I’m nosey or do not want to miss anything, no, whenever I came down with a cold or cough it would go on for weeks sometimes with me coughing up all kinds of coloured phlegm. As soon as I’d stopped with the regular smokes I stopped the incessant coughing and started to sleep better at night and I never missed a conversation lol.

I don’t miss the taste of tobacco at all in fact if I so chose I could order tobacco tasting E liquids however I go for a sweet tasting E liquid such as a Red Bull tasting one, there are thousands of different flavours so you won’t go with out.

I could explain to you how  E Cigarettes work but I find it far easier to show you by way of pictures :-)

E Cigarettes


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Are E Cigarettes safe?

One question that many people are asking is – Are E Cigarettes safe to use.



There you have it, it has undoubtedly got to be better then smoking conventional cigarettes, E Cigarettes can be found in thousands of places all over the world, in-fact there is talk that by 2020 they will be more popular than conventional cigarettes, why do you think that the worlds major tobacco companies are jumping on the bandwagon? They have seen the growth over the last 5 years and they do not want to be missing out on the lucrative E Cigarette market.

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What are E Cigarettes?

An electronic cigarette is a cylindrical tool made of stainless steel or plastic that mimics an ordinary cigarette in look as well as usage, but does not have tobacco. Instead, it includes water, flavouring, propylene glycol and in some cases nicotine. There are prefilled non reusable ranges and also rechargeable varieties, the latter supplying the closest approximation of the encounter of cigarette smoking.

E-cigarettes differ in dimension and flavour, a regular e-cigarette consists of an atomizer as well as an electric battery (or “clearomizer”) for changing “e-juice” to vapour. If nicotine is added, vapers– the common name for e-cigarette users– have the tendency to start with 28-milligram selections and change to lower quantities in time, with 14 as well as seven milligrams being the most preferred. Electric batteries are usually rechargeable, and also there’s an indicator light that shines like a lit cigarette when the vaper inhales. Little e-cigarette batteries last simply 60 to 90 mins, however larger ones could last for up to six hrs.

Vaping requires a longer, gentler pull than ordinary smoking and creates simply a slight odour, just like that of staged fog. The start-up price of e-cigarettes is a bit steep (concerning $75), it sets you back simply $1.75 per day after that for a pack-a-day smoker– considerably less compared to the minimum $10-per-day expense of smoking cigarettes tobacco.

Where Can You Buy E Cigarettes?

American Herbert Gilbert created the mechanical smokeless cigarette in 1963, yet vapour-producing electronic cigarettes just weren’t developed until 2003 in Beijing. E-cigarettes hadn’t been totally examined for safety, high quality or efficiency by Health Canada.

Ever since, the popularity of e-cigarettes has actually taken off. In between 2010 as well as 2011, 5 online Canadian e-cigarette firms were introduced. Throughout that same period, Health Canada released conformity letters to 18 online Canadian firms marketing e-cigarettes, a minimum of among which folded out of anxiety of repercussions by federal government regulatory authorities.

The Internet is the largest source of e cig sales in the nation, however many benefit stores, gas terminals, tobacconists and also shopping center booths freely market them, also, commonly with nicotine. Health Canada can reject e-cigarette products with health and wellness cases or nicotine at the border, however enforcement is compliance-based.

Some merchants are now selling the e-cigarette hardware individually. “If you offer dry sets, they’re taken into consideration a consumer item,” states Mick Young, owner of Safe-Cigs, an on-line Canadian vendor of e cigs gear. “It’s similar to the method it is legal to sell bongs but not weed.”.

Accordingly, there’s a kind of “underground” technique to the sale of e-cigarettes, which can make quality assurance challenging. “What’s occurring is you’re acquiring the kind of products that want to be offered because method,” says David Sweanor, an adjunct teacher of law at the University of Ottawa. “Health Canada has actually gone after the legit business out of the country.” While some bigger companies are wanting to enter into the market– NJOY opened up a Canadian office in September with one staff member– the residential e-cigarette market stays mostly local business.

Who utilizes e-cigarettes?

The majority of electronic cigarette individuals are smokers aiming to reduce back on cigarettes or quit them completely. “Nicotine-free e-cigarettes have reduced the amount I smoke,” says a 28-year-old, a North Vancouver– based smoker which asked not to be named. “If e-cigarettes with nicotine were easily available, I would likely stop smoking cigarettes totally, and also I think it would certainly aid others.”.

The average vaper is a 35- to 65-year-old former or current cigarette smoker. “There are a great deal of new moms and dads in their 20s which vape because they do not wish to smoke around the infant,” claims Kate Ackerman, proprietor of Electrovapors as well as among the founding directors of Canada’s Electronic Cigarette Trade Association (ECTA), which was started in 2011 by 10 e-cigarette companies. There is also an emerging market of youthful 20-somethings who vape in clubs merely to prevent going outside.

Yes, that’s straight, you can vape nearly anywhere: in your workplace, in a restaurant as well as on live television. Smoke-free laws do not put on e-cigarettes, and legislations controling their use in public places are not under Health Canada’s territory; any sort of such laws would certainly be the duty of provincial, territorial or municipal governments. “The truth that e-cigarettes can be smoked in defiance of cigarette smoking bans is an usual style in lots of advertising campaigns,” says Suzanne Gaby, supervisor of Quit Now Services for the B.C. Lung Association. Gaby frets that enhanced social exposure to e-smoking may contribute to a brand-new acceptance of cigarette usage. “Several institutions have reported that students are flaunting the use of e-cigarettes on workshop residential property,” she states.

According to the American National Youth Tobacco Survey, electronic cigarette use in secondary schools greater than increased in between 2011 as well as 2012, and also a Quebec research study commissioned by the University of Montreal discovered that virtually a quarter of 18- to 24-year-olds have utilized electronic cigarettes. “When you take the danger far from nicotine, even more folks will certainly utilize it,” claims Carl V. Phillips, PhD, scientific supervisor of the Consumer Advocates for Smoke-free Alternatives Association.

Are electronic cigarettes unsafe?

One point is generously clear: “E-cigarettes have to do with 99 percent much less damaging compared to average cigarettes,” claims Phillips, which has extensively investigated low-risk smoking replacements.

Phillips and also other professionals believe nicotine is certainly addictive, but that its wellness risks are, like caffeine, so low they can not be measured. “Nicotine is not cancer causing,” claims Gaby. Smoking tobacco kills people; nicotine doesn’t.

Even Sweanor– who aided establish plans in the ’80s and also ’90s that led to a 40 percent decrease in cigarette smoking and also aided get cigarettes from bars, dining establishments and aircrafts– is pro e-cigarettes. “What I protest is unnecessary disease and death, so I am in prefer of points that keep individuals active,” he claims.

Sweanor admits the inhalation of great particulate matter could have lasting risks. “Nothing is completely safe,” he says.

It makes good sense to outlaw driving under the influence yet still allow people drive autos. Life will always have some danger– you need to learn how to manage it.”.

E-cigarettes vary in size and also flavour, a typical e-cigarette is composed of an atomizer as well as a battery (or “clearomizer”) for changing “e-juice” to vapour. Health Canada could refuse e-cigarette products with health and wellness claims or nicotine at the boundary, yet enforcement is compliance-based.

Most e cig individuals are cigarette smokers intending to cut back on cigarettes or quit them altogether. “If e-cigarettes with nicotine were conveniently available, I would likely stop smoking entirely, and I assume it would certainly aid others.”.

“There are a whole lot of brand-new moms and dads in their 20s who vape due to the fact that they don’t desire to smoke around the baby,” states Kate Ackerman, proprietor of Electrovapors and one of the founding supervisors of Canada’s Electronic Cigarette Trade Association (ECTA), which was started in 2011 by 10 e-cigarette firms.

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